Chorégraphies enseignées aux débutants

DateNom de la danseFiche de pasVidéo
24/11/2023Outta My Mind
21/11/2023Outta My Mind
17/11/2023I Still Fall For You
14/11/2023I Still Fall For You
07/11/2023Glass Of Wine
17/10/2023Flip It
13/10/2023Flip It
10/10/2023Who Needs To Know
06/10/2023All That We Need
03/10/2023Ready To Be Loved
29/09/2023Who Needs To Know
26/09/2023That Honky Tong Highway
22/09/2023Stand By Me
19/09/2023Stand By Me
15/09/2023That Honky Tong Highway